Oil Spill Response Equipment

KAJ is the leading independent manufacturer of oil spill response equipment in the world with a list of clienteles from UAE (Dubai), Iraq, Turkmenistan, Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, as well as Malaysia. The complete range of oil spill response equipment designed and manufactured locally is suitable for all environment which are excellent in quality, both technically and operationally.  Among the oil spill response equipment manufactured by KAJ includes oil containment booms, oil skimmers, hydraulic power packs, boom reels and other accessories under strict quality control and the QA systems.  Both the service and manufacturing department are ISO 9001 certified.

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Disc/brush combination skimmers are designed for operation in all types of oil. In light oils discs are used and for oils with higher viscosity you change to brushes.The quick shift feature of the disc/brush bank ensures minimal stoppage time.
The principle of the disc/brush skimmer is that the oil adheres to the surface of the disc / brushes when they rotate through the oil layer water. It is then scraped off and drained into the sump where it is removed by the pump or by external
suction pump.


A light weight high capacity weir skimmer with a high performance helical screw pump, equipped with self-adjusting weir lip and 3 detachable HDPE outrigger floats for increased stability in waves.

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My-Boom HD

My-Boom HD is made of materials such as nitrile, chloroprene and Hypalon and will withstand the effects of the sun, sea, and oil. The low storage volume of My-Boom makes it easy to store, load and shipping cost will be significantly reduced.
The boom has moulded, inflatable chambers the freeboard ranges from 025 to 0.60 m Each individual buoyancy chamber has separate air valve, which mean that in the unlikely case of puncture only one chamber will lose air and when under tension the boom will not lose its freeboard.


My Boom AF is available in two standard sizes: 0.6 and 0.75 meter inflated overall width. It is lightweight and quick to deploy and can be pulled very rapidly into the water, either from a container, from a boom reel or right from the beach.
The average deployment time is 12 to 20 minutes for 200 meters, depending on the experience of the operators and the accessories included in the system.

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