KAJ also has the expertise on the environmental field that can provide service and consultancy in environment issues apart from oil spill control.  Environmental services that are provided by KAJ are as follows:

1.0 Reporting and monitoring on Environmental Quality.
i. Noise Monitoring & Industrial Hearing Test

2.0 Consultancy Service
i. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
ii. Planning And Environmental Audit
iii. Permit and Licenses related to the Environment
iv. Personnel/Workplace Monitoring
v. Site Suitability Assessment
vi. Course/Training related to the Environment

3.0 Security and Fire Protection
KAJ has the total capacity to produce, make and install various type of machinery for fire-fighting and support including fire engine, light fire truck and ambulances or Emergency Medical Services.
Apart from that, KAJ is able to provide additional support system to the existing machineries to increase the fire-fighting capabilities, such as:
i. Hose & fire extinguisher
ii. Sprinkler
iii. Foam (AFFF)
iv. Advanced Fire-fighting Equipment